We understand technology
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Technikdok is a team integrated by professional translators from different fields, specialising in technology and industry, aimed at providing the best service for your multilingual needs. We rely on the experience of experts in technical translation, as well as telecommunications engineers, industrial engineers, mechanics, chemists, IT specialists and more. Translators are carefully selected, undertaking exclusively projects to be translated into their mother tongue.

Furthermore, Technikdok uses state-of-the-art translation technologies, such as the software Déjà Vu. This, with the help of our databases, allows us to translate large documents achieving strict consistency in style and terminology. These databases store a vast amount of information, as well as the specific terminology used by your company, which can be “reused” for later translations in future projects.

Finally, all technical projects are subject to proofreading and correction by native translators and experts in the required field. We meet all our deadlines and strictly respect the confidentiality of your documents.

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